Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sorry It's Been So Long....

Wow! I cant believe I haven't posted since January!

 All I can say is that homeschooling consumed a lot of my time. We're just tying up some loose ends now, and are definitley ready for a summer break. I think the year was mostly successful in that my daughter no longer bursts into tears at the mention of math, and she will volunteer to solve real life related math problems in her head. That is an enormous victory in my book!

 I am mostly healed from my accident, except for the collapsing knee. An MRI showed only arthritis, so again, I am looking for holistic solutions. The first one obviously, is to lose some weight.

 Ed went to work for a state agency, but quickly realized that although he has done that kind of work before, he is no longer that person, and just found the work to be emotionally unhealthy for him. So we are back to trusting the Lord for a different direction.

 I have worked on a few repurposing projects in between everything else. This place is a junkers dream! Previous owners have left stuff all over. I even got my internal archaeologist moving one day as I excavated the old burn pile. I have a five gallon bucket for whatever treasures I find.

 Back in January, I made a rag rug. This kind is also known as a toothbrush rug, because people use tooth brushes with holes drilled in them as large needles. I just thought using a safety pin was easier (and more readily available...use what you have!)
This is the second one I did, and it still has some kinks in it. I think I've figured it out though, and have too more lined up to do. This one was made from old bed sheets.

  My most recent project however, was a tin woodsman (and his little dog too!) Since I never did find a good set of directions, putting it all together was a challenge. I think they turned out pretty well. The preacher from our last church asked if I could make one to donate to the Mayors Christmas Tree auction. I told him I would be delighted. Since it's in the fall, I have some time to work out the bugs.
My next project is making a lamp from an old washer agitator. I'm down to working on the shade now. I'll share the results with you next week.

See ya later,

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