Monday, February 24, 2014

Catch-Up Monday: Busy Weekend and a Roadside Dresser

Good morning! Welcome to Catch-Up Monday!

What a busy weekend! I missed my Sunday afternoon nap, so I took it this morning after Katheirne went to school. I was just worn out!

Friday morning, Ed got up and made his famous King's Ranch Chicken to take for the family meal after Betty's Celebration of Life. It was set to start at 11:00, and we went about 10:00 to help with any set-up. The service was beautiful, and our pastor did a great job. We knew it was as difficult for him as it was for us. He told us later that he knew the Holy Spirit was helping him.

Afterward, we went down to the kitchen to set out the meal, while the family made the short trip to the grave site. When they came back, everything was ready. Did I mention our church has some excellent cooks? By the time the meal was finished, we cleaned up and got home, it was about 2:30 in the afternoon. Katherine was home at three, and Ed and I both took a nap, and still went to bed early. Saturday was going to be another busy day.

Before Betty died, we already had our annual February spaghetti dinner in the church calendar for Saturday. Ed had to work during the day, but would be home in time for the dinner. Since I am on the fellowship committee, I had to be at church at 3:00 to help with set up, decorating, and food preparation. The committee was making the two entrees, salad and bread, and our "guests" were to bring dessert.

Since I was not about to bring a sugary dessert, I opted for those wonderful scones that I made last week. You can read that blog post here. For Katherine's benefit, I made one batch with mini chocolate chips, as well as the one with blueberries. Ed got home from work about 2:30, and I left for church shortly after. Katherine opted to come at five with Ed. The meal was a huge success, but once again, I got home and pretty much fell into bed. Oh, I did have one request for the scone recipe.

At 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning, our phone rang. It was a manager from Ed's work. It seems that the 4:00 a.m. guy didn't show up, and they needed Ed to come in. He was not happy. I wasn't either. Anyway, he got up and went in. I stayed in bed until eight. Katherine and I made it to church a little after nine, so I could make sure someone from Ed's Sunday school class would know that he wouldn't be there.

The rest of the morning went well, with two of our young people getting baptised. I know Ed hated to miss that! After church, I met with the young people to decide who is doing what for the special youth-led service we are doing in March. They are all excited about taking over the grown-up positions for a day.

Sunday afternoon is usually nap time, but I couldn't get wound down enough. I guess I was still annoyed that Ed had to work a second Sunday in a row. By the time he got home, he only had about an hour before we had to be back at church. He told me that he told the manager that if they want to see him on Sunday, they need to come to church, because that is where he will be!

When he came in, he told me that one of our neighbors up the road had set out a peice of furniture I might be interested in. Of course I had to go look, and after checking it out, decided to bring it home.
It isn't real wood, and the drawer pulls are a little corroded, but it is sound, and I can always use more drawer space...if I decide to use it for that. I'm going to let it sit a day or two and think about it. I told Ed, "You do realize that I will have to rearrange the entire house to make room for this, right?" He said, "Yes, and all the books will have to come off the shelves too. " to which I replied, "You know I've been wanting to do that anyway." He nodded "Yes". The poor long-suffering man! He knows that he will come home one day soon, and there will just be a path through the house!

Anyway, our Sunday evening service went very well with even more new people coming. It is exciting when the young people start becoming active participants! We were done there a little after seven,  Ed was in bed by eight, and after I talked to my dad, followed about ten.

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